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Lost and Found at the Pinnacle

September 25, 2019

"By God's plan, I lost my sight on Pinnacle View Mountains and regained it at Pinnacle Pointe"
~ Melinda

It is our honor to present to you September's Resident of the Month, Melinda. Her story is one of bravery and perseverance, which begins in Berea, Kentucky, where she was born and raised. Melinda attended Berea Community High School where she graduated and proudly went on to study Dental Hygiene at EKU. During her working years, she utilized her learned skills as a dental assistant and her naturally gifted people skills as a waitress. Along the way, Melinda made friends, a family; she even gave birth to a beautiful daughter named Ashley, who she describes with love and admiration. Melinda is also a proud grandmother of a 13-year-old granddaughter and an 8-year-old grandson. She loves animals and making friends any chance she gets. 

After years of accomplishments, dream building, life's trials, and tribulations Melinda came to us having lost sight in both eyes. This was due to an injury inflicted upon her during a hike on Pinnacle View Mountains in Kentucky. The day we met, she says," I was so scared as I gave you my hands to come aboard the bus." Although she was afraid, her faith in God never faltered, and she knew everything was going to be ok somehow. She describes the day as one of the scariest of her life beside the day she lost her sight, making everything dark. Recalling her arrival to Pinnacle Pointe, Melinda said, "I picked up by two of the kindest and most caring people." When she arrived, she was greeted by so many voices filled with love and kindness. This welcoming spirit made coming to a new place and a new life a little less frightening. She had to learn a whole new way of survival, unlike anything she had ever experienced. Despite her predicament, she maintained a positive attitude and made friends, doing her best to live life newly blind and to the fullest.

After hearing Melinda's story, one of Pinnacle Pointe's employees reached out to a doctor who was so moved; he agreed to perform a sight-restoring surgery, pro bono. Again, Melinda says by the grace of God the surgery was successful and she now has sight in her right eye. With her sight restored, she was ready to come home and meet everyone for what felt like "the first time I met old friends for a new beginning; I just couldn't believe how beautiful all of your faces were." 

Now, Melinda aspires to reinvent herself. She is working hard with our fantastic physical therapy team to regain her strength and to find her independence to continue living her best life. She continues to express her gratitude to those who have touched her life and helped her regain her sight. She praises all of the friends and family she has made here at Pinnacle Pointe - "where I found her sight again!" 

Pinnacle Pointe Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is a proud member of the Foundations Health Solutions family. Whether rehabilitation and therapy or nurturing relationships and community, we aim to cultivate strong and healthy lives in our residents and community.

Foundations Health Solutions, founded by nursing home developer Brian Colleran, has over 50 skilled nursing facilities throughout Ohio. We are prepared to meet the needs of residents in Akron, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, and anywhere in-between with a wide range of services within our centers, including post-hospital stay, skilled nursing, inpatient rehabilitation, long-term care, memory care, and ventilator services.

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