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Resident Spotlight!

April 9, 2018
Linda has been a resident at Pinnacle Pointe for the last two years. When I asked her what she liked most about being here, she said, “I have been loved here, more than I’ve ever been loved before.”

Linda grew up in Waynesville, Ohio. Her passion in her adult life has always been singing. She made a name for herself and won several awards during her singing career. She said she always enjoyed singing Christian music along with some of the popular country artists of the time. She’s also been known to write beautiful poetry & would sometimes read or sing to people who were experiencing hard times of their own. Linda has a heart of gold and sees the good in people. She said, “I love people, wherever I go.”

She recalls first meeting Walter and told me how he’s always been there to help take care of her. She said that they met in their high-rise, and as she passed him in the hallway- “He had the most ridiculous hair-do.” After he cut his hair, they exchanged phone numbers- and the rest is history.

Walter comes into Pinnacle pointe every day to spend time with the love of his life, Linda. You can still see the spark between them.

We are so blessed at Pinnacle Pointe to know this beautiful woman- Inside and out!

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